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TCS is now LYNN Broadband

TCS is now LYNN Broadband

We were acquired. We restructured. Now we’re rebranding as LYNN. We’re busy making changes to better server you.

March 2021, Lynn Electronics acquired Total Cable Solutions. To support the unique needs of both enterprise and service providers, Lynn Electronics quickly restructured our organization into a Data Center/Enterprise division and a Broadband division.  Total Cable Solutions became the Broadband division of Lynn Electronics. Just over a year later, these changes have strengthened our product lines and greatly enhanced our technical expertise to support you.

Now we are rebranding. Lynn Electronics will become LYNN.  Total Cable Solutions will continue to be the Broadband division and will become LYNN Broadband. While we will continue to sell electronics we already sell today, our new name, LYNN, will reinforce our focus on strategic products in the Datacom and Broadband markets. You will begin to see our new LYNN name on products you have grown to trust very soon.

TCS is now the Broadband division of LYNN.  We will maintain our current team and distribution partners. Over the next few months look for exciting changes to our website, data sheets and packaging.

So, What Is Changing?

Well, a new name, logo, design … a new brand identity that aligns with our partners’ needs. You will begin to see our LYNN name on our products, packaging, website, data sheets, and more. We will continue to work with our trusted distribution partners through our Datacom and Broadband divisions.


Strong domestic manufacturing capabilities in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and California


Product and marketing team to focused on supporting your network applications and developing new technology


Part of the elite group of cable assembly houses in the Corning Gold Program

What's Next?

Continue to look for more innovative fiber deployment products in the telecom and data center market now from the LYNN Broadband and LYNN Datacom divisions of LYNN. In our quest to become the #1 provider in the market we cannot emphasize too much how excited we are to focusing on the unique needs of each market with our new name LYNN.

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