L-LOCK – Dual-Locking Power Cables – C14 to C13

SKU: PWR-AGVL-12xx-0yyF

Product Description

The patented LYNN L-LOCK Series is the easiest-to-install, most advanced dual-locking power cable available. It eliminates accidental disconnects by securely locking both cable ends to electronics and power equipment, regardless of make and manufacturer. The L-LOCK latch system locks and unlocks with a simple finger press that’s perfect for high-density installations – no clunky clips, brackets or additional hardware required. L-LOCK cables are an easy replacement for existing non-locking or single-locking power cables.

      • Patented latch system easily locks & unlocks with a finger press
      • Available in multiple connector configurations, colors & lengths
      • Ensure equipment uptime by securely locking into equipment ports
      • Universally compatible with electronics & power equipment
      • Protected by US Patent No.: 11,476,620. Additional patents pending.
L-LOCK Power Cable Brochure


  • L-LOCK dual-locking system
  • C14 to C13
  • Available in black, blue & red
  • Standard lengths: 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 8ft & 10ft
  • 18AWG/10A

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