HyperDrop PAS Mini – Patch and Splice Fiber Terminal Enclosure – IP68


Product Description

The LYNN HyperDrop PAS Mini IP68-rated patch and splicing enclosure is unique, small and easy to install in a variety of environments, such as underground burial, pole mount, wall mount or wire suspension. The all-plastic housing is made from an ABS and poly-carbonate (PC) blend with UV inhibitors to ensure a long service life in a variety of conditions.

  • Ideal for splicing & coupling fiber, twisted pair & other low-voltage cables
  • IP68-rated for outdoor installation
  • Easy-to-open design with water-tight latching
  • Includes easy-to-see fiber splicing tray
  • Included grommets accommodate a variety of cable sizes & constructions
  • Compatible with fiber couplers, fiber splice connections, keystones & other barrel-style couplers


  • Universal mounting brackets with hardware (M4x6mm screws with red threadlocker (2 ea)
  • Drywall anchors with M4x25mm self-tapping wood screws (2 ea)
  • M4x12mm screws with blue threadlocker (2 ea)
  • M4 wingnuts (2 ea)
  • Internal splice tray (installed in enclosure)
  • Type A fusion splicing tubes (2 ea)
  • Large zip ties: 4.5x192mm (4 ea)
  • Small zip ties: 2.5x100mm (2 ea)
  • Cable grommets: 3mm round (installed in enclosure) (2 ea), 5mm round (2 ea), 8mm round (2 ea). 11mm round (2 ea)
  • Simplex SC/APC coupler
  • Duplex LC/UPC coupler (HDPAS-M-Kit only)
  • Coax barrel-style coupler (HDPAS-M-Kit only)
  • CAT6 keystone coupler (HDPAS-M-Kit only)

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