BladeHD™ Rack Mount Blade/Cassette, 24 SC/UPC, (Pass-Through)


Product Description

Rack Mount Blade/Cassette, 24 SC/UPC, (Pass-Through) designed for the BladeHD™ Rack Mount.  Module design scales easily for ridiculous SC density in an itty-bitty space to meet growing demands.  Up to 3 blade/cassettes and 12 blade/cassettes per 1U and 4U BladeHD Rack Mount Panels respectively.

Preloaded cassettes also available.

Installation Manual

Cassette Type: Blade/Module/Cassette 24 SC/UPC (fits BladeHD™ Rack Mount Panel)
Material: Light weight durable plastic
Cable Management: Hinged front cable management with port labeling sheet
Fiber Count: 24 (pigtails sold separately
Operating Temperature: -5°C to 60°C

Full Specs

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