1×32 PLC Fiber Splitter, 1U 19″ Rack Mount, SC/APC

SKU: FS-132-SA1-R

Product Description

1×32 Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) Rack Mount Splitter is designed to meet the requirements for high density cabling in data centers or server rooms.  Fits in 19″ standard integrated distribution cabinet or network cabinet.  Fabricated using silica optical waveguide technology to distribute optical signals accurately and evenly with minimal loss providing a low cost light distribution solution with small form factor and high reliability.

Can be easily mounted in cabinet connecting the Central Office (CO) and terminal apparatus for uniform optical signal distribution in fiber to the point (FTTx) deployments and other passive optical networks (e.g., EPON, GPON, BPON).

  • Fits 19″ standard integrated distribution cabinet or network cabinet
  • Designed for high density cabling environment
  • Silk screened port number for easy identification

Assembled in Springboro, Ohio.


Configuration Type: 1×32 Rack Mount
Material: Black Steel
Fiber Type: G.657A1
Connector Type: SC/APC

Operating Wavelength: 1260-1650 nm
Max Input Power: 300 mW
Insertion Loss: ≤17.5 dB
Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL): ≤0.3 dB
Return Loss: ≥55 dB
Uniformity: ≤1.8 dB
Directivity: ≥55 dB
Operating Temperature Range: -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Storage Temperature Range: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)

Telcordia GR-1221 and GR-1209
Manufacturing Facility: ISO-9001 and TUV Certified”

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