OM3 BRIGHT Traceable Duplex Fiber Cable, LC/LC


Product Description

One of the world’s first self-powered traceable fiber jumpers. Each end contains an LED and a button to activate, once activated your Bright jumper will light up at each connector end for easy traceability. Every Bright fiber jumper utilizes a switchable Uniboot connector and Corning ClearCurve glass.

  • Blinking lights provide RAPID resolution for wiring mistakes
  • Product can be activated on either end
  • Quick release battery compartment for easy field replacement (3v Li battery 8+ yr shelf-life)
  • Tracing automatically shuts off at 20s or 40s (configurable)
  • Reverse polarity Uniboot
  • Corning ClearCurve® Glass
  • UL Rated CMR-OF

Full Specs

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